Sheriff Nod

An educated man (a rare thing in these parts) with a love of justice who suffers no fools. However, he has some issues with Overlord Stennis.


Warrior 4/ Expert 2
AC – unknown but he commonly wears a breastplate with padding
HP – around 40 or so
Weapons – longsword and short sword (Arcernoth style, or two-weapon fighter)


Sheriff Horace Nod was born in Arcernoth district in Vesh onn Chardot of 120 AV. His parents were serfs who tilled the fields of Baron Carino. He trained with the Vigilants of Vesh though he never formally joined their renowned organization. He served as sheriff of Ezet for four years under Overlord Stennis with whom he is having more misgivings about as each year progresses. Nod feels that he is too compassionate at the risk of letting anarchy take hold of Ezet. The latest plague zombie attack this past Vanger has only piqued his resolve to restore order.

Sheriff Nod

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