Overlord Stennis

Lord of Ezet, Overlord Stennis is a cautious man, but also heeds the cries of the oppressed and the downtrodden.


Human Fighter 7
AC 24 in full plate armor and large heater shield.
HP 62
Weapons: bastard sword (one-handed style)


Tyric Stennis is a veteran of many skirmishes and conflicts in the southern Vesh region. He is a specialist against the slitheren of the Mourning Marshes and hunts them whenever he can. Lately, however, administrative duties have taken him away from the adventuring he prefers. He would go himself to the Marshes with an army of militia to rid the threat once and for all if he could, but he realizes that this is a pipe dream. Even the 2nd Lave Regulars couldn’t rid all of them. They are rats. They are prolific. They will never be eliminated. Not totally.

Overlord Stennis

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