High Priestess of the Temple of Madriel in Ezet


Female human (Southern Vesh)
Alignment: Lawful Good Age: 38 Height 5’ 8" Weight 132 lbs.
Commoner 4/ Cleric 4
AC 17 hp 31

Wields a silvered spear and shiny breastplate emblazoned with a peacock’s tailfan.

Str 8 Dex 12 Con 12 Int 10 Wis 19 Cha 14


Her Holiness, Claire-Vallia of Ezet has been High Priestess of the Madriel temple in the same town for eight years. Before her was the much older Agatha Derelle who was chased into exile by the populace for practicing the dark arts, a suspicion that Claire-Vallia never believed.
She was accidently attacked by one of Sheriff Nod’s men two years ago in a case of mistaken identity. Claire forgave her assailant of the slight and promptly healed herself. Since then, Sheriff Nod has been especially protective of the Madriel temple and of High Priestess Claire in particular.
She is commonly seen tending to the sick and poor of Ezet, usually in the Southside, curing ills and healing hurts. She dresses simply, in a blue and white surplice, unless duty commands otherwise.
She has a deep interest in her acolyte, Sara Truegood, however, she feels that Sara has been too shut up in the temple and needs to be out and about in the ‘real world’ if she has any chance of succeeding her as High Priestess.


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