Heroes of the Scarred Lands

The Chronicles of Ghelspad

A history of the Heroes of Ghelspad

I, Galston Gideon of Lokil, have penned the following tales on vellum for posterity. May future peoples of Ghelspad peruse them and not only be entertained, but learn from them.

I pen these tales in Chardot 12th, 188 AV.

Episode One – The Plague Zombie Attack

Once upon a time, on the 3rd day of Vanger, 153 AV, there lived a halfling. He was a paladin devoted to Corean the Avenger. His name was Trace. There was also a half-drunk, half-mad dwarven cleric of Corean called Morg of the Empty Mug. And there was another halfling of quick knife and quick feet named Jack Cheese. All these people lived in the small town of Ezet in the county of Liaris in Vesh. It had a population of over 800 souls and they were very superstitious and liked not the halfling or the half-orc.
Trace was short on gemas and needed a job. He was introduced to a Boss Jerkins, a human expert at gambling, and soon had a job as a croupier at the Golden Goblin gambling house on Main Street.
Morg of the Empty Mug had just left the temple of Corean, semi-drunk and decided the Golden Goblin was the place to vent his frustrations. He was followed quickly by Jack Cheese who already was causing problems the moment he entered the establishment.
After an altercation with one of the craps players (who happened to be a man of some influence in the community), Morg was invited to work for the Golden Goblin as a bouncer, unaware that he was a holy man of the Avenger. Suddenly, townsfolk were screaming and running in every which direction! A smash of glass in the front of the Goblin and zombies emerged, ponderous and potent, trying to consume anyone they could get their hands on.

Morg and Trace unsheathed their blades and fought against the zombies, slaying them and making their way to the street where more were coming.
Every zombie they slew exploded in a cavalcade of putrescence carrying their vile ‘zombie rot’. Trace was immune to such contagion being the chosen of The Shining One, but Morg was a different matter. Groups of five or six zombies were coming in from the south of Ezet. Jack Cheese climbed up a gutter and shot his crossbow from the rooftops. As Trace and Morg cut swathes through the undead horde, the Ezet militia, headed by Sheriff Nod, did what they could to hold them back.
All these dead humans were wearing soldier’s uniforms for the most part of Veshian military. But they were not alone: A couple of undead zombie ogres (wielding clubs?) were attacking a nearby school. Faced with a decision to defend the Temple of Madriel or the Torion Schoolhouse, the party chose the latter. However, the ogres were quite strong and their felled trees served as good walloping devices. Morg, Trace and Jack were all knocked unconscious.

This Ends the First Episode of the Heroes of Ghelspad.



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